The Mission 

At Urban Golf Club the goal is to bridge the social and economic gaps in our neighborhoods. Golf provides life lessons and opportunities that will empower the youth. The core values that UGC has adopted are patience, humility, and accountability. Urban Golf Club is the exposure to this great game. And lastly, we will be instilling the importance of education and financial literacy.

Financial Literacy and Golf Curriculum 

  • Financial Literacy Lessons
  • Core Values 
  • Exercise and Relay Races
  • Golf Instruction 
  • Practice 
  • Caddy Mentoring Program

UGC Core Values 

The life lessons learned in golf.


The game of golf is very difficult. It will test your patience as it’s not something you can learn overnight.


Don’t get cocky. Golf will humble you. No matter how well you’re playing a bad shot is always lurking.


It’s all on you. If you hit a bad shot in golf it is always your fault and no one else. Being accountable and learning from mistakes will only make you better in this game.