The Mission 

At Urban Golf Club the goal is to provide a fun and unique outlet for inner city kids. Golf provides life lessons and opportunities that can only build up the children. The core values that UGC has adopted are patience, humility, and accountability. Urban Golf Club is the exposure to this great game. Along with our values we will be instilling the importance of education and financial literacy. Helping to bridge the social and economic gaps in our neighborhoods.


Youth On Course is ready to partner and provide discounted golf rounds at partnering courses locally and around the country. 

The Curriculum 

  • Warm ups 
  • Relay Races 
  • Core Values 
  • Instruction 
  • Practice 
  • Golf Course

UGC Core Values 

The life lessons learned in golf.


The game of golf is very difficult. It will test your patience as its not something you can learn overnight. The key is to not get angry at all. This is as true in golf as it is in life. If you can learn how to be patient and overcome golf’s most frustrating moments you’ll be alright.


Don’t get cocky. Golf will humble you. No matter how well you’re playing a bad shot is always lurking. Nothing in life will go exactly the way you want, no matter what. With that said, being humbled by golf or life should be motivation to do or play better.


It’s all on you. If you hit a bad shot in golf it is always your fault and no one else. Being accountable and learning from mistakes will only make you better in this game. Same with life, where without owning up to mistakes or actions can only hurt you in the long run.